The Architectural Design includes the composition and creation of an architectural solution for the project under study, with the creation of a moodboard for design, materials and style directions as well as photorealistic plans (renders). As part of the architectural study, our company also offers the lighting design, detailed selection of construction materials, floor and wall coverings, sanitary ware, colours, furniture (with construction plans), lamps and lights, electrical equipment and many other solutions which will help the interested party to plan what will satisfy them in the long run.
The Static Design, which is necessary for the construction permit but also for the safe construction of the load-bearing structure of each construction, includes calculations, formwork, reinforcement plans and cutting plans depending on the choice of material (reinforced concrete, metal, wood, load-bearing masonry). Our team is staying constantly updated about the current regulations (Eurocodes and Greek appendices) and the corresponding amendments and additions. At the same time, we use a variety of software programmes that are compliant with the regulations and cover every type of construction utilizing the finite element method.
The MEP Design consists of electrical studies (weak and strong currents), cooling - heating, water supply - drainage, fire safety and energy efficiency (KENAK). Our company undertakes MEP designs for all types of projects, from residences to biogas power plants, offering complete, quality, environmentally safe and above all economic solutions.
Vertical Engineering undertakes the supervision of a wide range of construction projects from renovations, new residential buildings, offices, agricultural and industrial facilities to biogas power plants throughout Greece.
The combination of years of experience, excellent knowledge of materials, diligence and organization of our highly qualified employees and technical partners, ensures excellent quality results with guaranteed durability and high functionality without delays or additional financial costs.
Our team is a pioneer in the use of alternative and environmentally friendly materials, while at the same time our long-term cooperation with excellent suppliers ensures competitive prices for our clients.
Building Information Modeling
Vertical Engineering is a multidisciplinary and BIM service company. We operate in the innovative and revolutionary changing field of design, analysis and engineering, construction, installation and infrastructure across Greece. We add value through our excellent BIM knowledge and experience, capacity and innovation. All members of the team are specialised in a multitude of "smart", digital tools in their respective field, including the following: 
• Autodesk Revit 
• 3DSMax / V-Ray / D5 
• Navisworks • Sofistik 
• Robot Structural Analysis 
• Advance Steel
Virtual Reality - VR
Virtual Reality (VR) is the simulation of a real or imaginary environment by a computer.
Although VR was primarily developed for the gaming and entertainment industries, it has now entered the construction sector as well. It includes the creation of images, sounds and other sensations that simulate the physical presence of a user in a building or space before it is actually constructed.
This enables designers and engineers to test ideas, special elements and features according to the vision of the client, who can experience the project in a 3D virtual sphere. VR also helps identify potential problems or deficiencies in the design before construction work begins, thus saving significant costs while contributing to better construction planning as well as easy and cost-effective maintenance of the project after construction.
Vertical Engineering is the first company in Greece and one of the few in Europe that has introduced VR in construction, through Autodesk and BIM programs that are compatible with virtual reality.